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Professional plotter excels over excel

Tecplot from Adept Scientific

It’s not uncommon for significant time and investment to be put into generating experimental data, only for the results to be let down in the analysis and presentation.

What does an engineer or scientist use to get really effective data plots? Excel is always an option, but its plotting capabilities are limited to business charts and line plots – and while 65,536 rows of data are usually enough for business and financial applications, this can often be restricting when you’re dealing with large technical data sets.

The next step up is a general-purpose graphing package, but even these don’t really have the ability to really get past curve-fitting and XY plots.

To really do the data justice requires state-of-the-art graphing capabilities, and that means Tecplot.

Ideal for the engineering department where analysing and plotting data from different sources is common, Tecplot runs on a range of computing platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X) so you can share data across these platforms.

Would high-quality plots like the ones shown here reveal more about your data, and mean more to your colleagues, customers and management? Does the effort put into generating your data justify some real investment in its analysis? If you think it does, take a look at Tecplot.

(with thanks to Thomas Harding of Adept Scientific)