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SciProof from Adept Scientific

Ever thought to yourself that spellchecking and grammar-checking your technical document in Microsoft Word might be more effort than it’s worth? If you’ve ever seen a page full of possible errors flagged, when you know there’s nothing wrong with most of them, you’ll know what we mean.

Enter sciPROOF.

It has a whole series of tools for scientific and technical authors, including a spellchecker which integrates into Microsoft Word and adds over 250,000 entries from databases of scientific terms to the native spellchecker.

You save time proofreading and you’re able to focus on actual errors.

The sciPROOF Style Checker proofreads and suggests term styles desired by the user, such as upper case characters for acronyms such as DNA, PCR, PAGE, etc.

The Symbol Checker will flag unique characters such as Greek words or letters, often preceded or followed by a hyphen, and suggest the corresponding Greek symbol.

And it doesn’t stop there.

A glossary is included for many of the terms in the custom spelling dictionary (PubMed), which can be conveniently displayed while sciPROOF proofreads documents.

Reference information for any term can be searched and displayed instantaneously through PubMed.

The list of features goes on.

We’re finding sciPROOF is one of the best extensions to Microsoft Word we’ve ever used.

(with thanks to Dave Woodward of Adept Scientific)