Maple 9.5 – the CAD-Reviews independent review

Tools for any maths activity

Maple 9.5 from Adept Scientific

In universities, research organisations and science and engineering based industries all over the world, it’s the desktop environment of choice for mathematical problem-solving, exploration, data visualisation, code generation and technical authoring.

If you’re serious about maths, you can’t ignore Maple.

Maple made its reputation as a symbolic maths application, and its symbolics capabilities are still generally recognised as the most advanced anywhere.

But several major technological initiatives, including the well-known tie-in with Oxford-based NAG a few years ago, have also brought industrial-strength numeric solvers into Maple.

Now, with the release of Maple 9.5, it delivers the most comprehensive, integrated set of computational tools for any activity involving mathematics.

Over 4000 symbolic and numeric functions support just about any engineering or scientific project you can think of.

These include leading-edge solvers for ordinary and partial differential equations; high performance matrix computation; linear and nonlinear optimisation; and transforms such as Laplace, Fourier, FFT and Z.

It also offers a wide library of pure maths routines (discrete mathematics, number theory, group theory) and tools for calculus and precalculus, increasing its value in mathematics education and research.

The work you do with Maple is a valuable knowledge resource.

Maple captures not only the results, but also the thinking behind the analysis.

That means all the work done in your organisation can be retained, traced and audited.

In a complex technical project, you can try out sophisticated ‘what if’ analyses of requirements, data, methods, assumptions and simulations, without losing track of the original work or the assumptions that underlie it.

We could fill several more pages talking about Maple’s tremendous graphics capability, its ease of use, and the vast range of features that shorten the learning curve and maximise your productivity.

Maple truly transforms the way engineers and scientists use technology.

(with thanks to Adam Knight of Adept Scientific)