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The best scientific and educational math software?

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Maple 10 from Adept Scientific

Maplesoft has been an industry leader in advanced mathematical technology for 25 years.

So when a full new version of their flagship Maple software is launched onto the market, it’s big news – and not just for dedicated mathematicians.

That’s because today’s Maple is the most comprehensive software tool around.

Anyone who uses math in their work – engineers, scientists, programmers and more – can use new Maple 10 to solve complex mathematical problems to an unmatched degree of accuracy and precision, while at the same time creating full technical documents that communicate and illustrate their results and the thinking behind the analysis.

So what’s new in this latest version of Maple? For a start, there’s a new built-in statistics package that supports a wide range of statistical modelling, calculation and plotting tools.

These include quantitative and graphical data analysis, symbolic manipulation of random variables, simulation and curve fitting.

You can even generate Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts.

Maple’s renowned differential equation solvers have been brought right up to date with sophisticated new special functions that provide solutions to many types of linear and nonlinear differential equations previously considered unsolvable.

Then there’s support for integer linear programming, a choice of solver methods, automatic plotting of objective function and constraints in the Optimization assistant.

Add to these a wealth of improvements and additions, including numerical differentiation, fractional and abstract order derivatives, polynomial ideas and hardware computations using complex numbers.

Intuitive and easy to use, Maple 10 delivers the most advanced, complete, error-free set of mathematical capabilities on the market today.

It’s the ultimate productivity tool for solving mathematical problems, creating interactive technical documents and deploying sophisticated applications.

And it’s so easy to use! With a significantly shorter learning curve, Maple 10 changes math from a chore to a competitive advantage.

It lets you create sophisticated live documents that seamlessly integrate the mathematical results with derivations, explanations, plots and more.

Document blocks make it easy to write content in standard math notation, and you can hide computational details without affecting the live calculations.

With Maple 10, you no longer need to spend extra time creating reports – your Maple document is your report.

Maple 10’s many floating palettes help you find the symbol you need from a choice of over 1000; there’s even a handwriting recognition palette to make finding symbols easier.

There’s a sophisticated mathematical equation editor to create textbook-quality equations, automatic equation labelling, over 1000 mathematical symbols, tables with layout control and embedded GUI components including sliders, buttons and entry fields.

Maple 10 is the ideal analytical assistant to ensure that your mathematical manipulations and calculations are done quickly and accurately.

From number crunching to advanced solvers for calculus, algebra, units and tolerance calculations, and beyond, the math routines are intuitive to use and are fully integrated with the visualisation and document creation environment.

Differential equations (ODEs and PDEs), state space modelling, frequency domain (Laplace, Z, FFT), and many other techniques become easier and error free.

Maple 10 lets you derive model equations, compute transforms, visualise simulation results and manage all of your model parameters.

The powerful code generation routines transfer your mathematical model to optimised code for external or embedded applications.

Standards-compliant solvers integrate rock-solid numerics with the symbolics capability that has made Maple famous, delivering the power, speed and accuracy that today’s applications demand.

This latest version sees a dramatic increase in the speed of numerical computations, thanks to a new compiled function option.

Maple 10 efficiently handles the largest data sets for demanding applications in statistical modelling, signal and image processing and more besides.

Analysis and visualisation are effectively integrated to provide real insight into your data.

The Maple 10 interactive environment quickly becomes the easiest way to create powerful technical software applications.

Its feature-rich programming language lets you develop applications in a fraction of the time that traditional tools like FORTRAN or C take.

You can create customised user interfaces via Maplet applications, new embedded controls, or the Microsoft Excel link.

Using optional MapleNet technology, you can even deploy your application over the Web so that it’s shared with colleagues anywhere in the world.

By making math more accessible and easier to use without compromising on mathematical rigour, Maple 10 helps you discover optimised solutions for all your designs and computations.

If you’re teaching math and need to get students up to speed, Maple T.A.

could be the answer.

It’s a Web-based testing and assessment tool for creating assignments and exercises, and automatically assessing student performance.

Unlike traditional assessment systems, Maple T.A.

supports complex, free form entry and intelligent evaluation of responses, making it ideal for any course that requires mathematics.

Maple T.A has the mathematical power of Maple behind it, enabling your students to solve problems in pre-calculus, calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, vector calculus, statistics, number theory, group theory and more.

The powerful Maple engine can determine mathematical equivalences, and automatically grade student responses appropriately.

The latest Maple T.A version 2 features a Question Bank editor, enhanced assignment creation and improved system administration tools.