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Thoroughly modern CAD at a nice proce

IntelliCAD 2000 from CADopia

Not only is IntelliCAD 2000 the first major update of the product since its initial release in March 1998, the base version is available for download for the price of registering from

This version offers AutoCAD 2000 file open and up to R14 as its native file format, modelspace / paperspace support, associative hatch, TrueType fonts lightweight polylines, and multi-line text.

In fact the only additional features available in the Professional Edition, downloadable for $129 are visual basic VBA support for customisation, photo-realistic rendering, and raster image display and editing.

As a thoroughly modern application there is excellent help installed with a wide range of support forums available on-line.

Further training materials can also be purchased from the on-line shop.

There is a full set of tidy tool palettes plus an AutoCAD compatible command line.

AutoLISP and Autodesk ADS are also supported.

Multiple drawings can be opened simultaneously and a drawing explorer allows document settings such as layers, blocks and dimension styles to be copied between drawings.

Multiple viewports can be opened on a drawing which can be manipulated with real time pan and zoom control.

Drawing elements pasted into documents such as Word can be edited in place using Active X functionality.

If you need 2D or 3D wireframe CAD or simply full DWG compatibility, IntelliCAD 2000 may be just the answer.

Admittedly dial up technical support is not instantly available but the forums cover a wide range of topics and 2D packages are now both stable and readily accessible even for novice users.

Give it a try!