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Voice Memos for your Palm

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goVox from LandWare

The ultimate portability of the Palm PDA’s, in particular the Palm V range, does come at the expense of some functions found on the larger, heavier Windows based PDA’s.

Examples include MP3 players and perhaps of more use in professional use voice memo recorders.

Enter the goVox from LandWare.

Available for each of the Palm families, it does not interface with the Palm at all but simply provides a voice recorder in a replacement front cover.

Although the hinge mechanism does not altogether suit the sleek Palm V styling and cannot fold flat onto the back when using the Palm, its diminutive dimensions and weight is only slightly more bulky than the standard cover adding 5mm and 50g to a Palm V’s 126g.

With buttons available on the front surface, memos can be recorded, played back and deleted with a minimum of interaction.

Recording capacity is 99 messages or 8 minutes.

If you are missing a voice memo function on your Palm or are in a situation where the arsenal of separate electronic gadgets is becoming unmanageable, the goVox may be a useful route to combine functions in a modular way.

The Palm III version costs $54.95 and the Palm V $64.95 from

LandWare offer a wide range of accessories including cases, keyboards and applications such as WordSleuth thesaurus and TakeNote document editor that adds word processing functionality including word count, find and replace and bookmarks to the basic Palm OS memo Pad.