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Modeller far more than CAD for Kids

Cosmic Blobs review screenshot

Cosmic Blobs from SolidWorks Corporation

OK so this product isn’t aimed at industrial applications, but does offer a valuable insight into the state of play of 3D modelling.

Aimed squarely at the 7 – 14 year old Pixar generation, this modelling, paintshop and animation lab product allows novices to create high quality 3D animations in less than an hour.

So don’t expect a standard windows interface; out go text, menus and windows to be replaced by funky lab theme commands each with identifiable sound effects, dynamic cursor icon and a lab rat as a space ball for 3D manipulation.

There is no need to think about files or their location.

Models and library primitives such as spheres, cylinders and cones are automatically filed in lab beakers with user definable colour coded bungs for identification of the required shelf.

Current work on the boil is identified in a beaker over a Bunsen burner and clicking an empty beaker predictably starts a new model.

Cosmic Blobs is the first product to emerge from the New Product Concepts Group at SolidWorks headed by co-founder Scott Harris.

He has the enviable brief to explore the possibilities for new products based on Dassault’s sophisticated industrial strength modelling technologies to bring 3D to consumers.

Clearly this has two drivers; to find new avenues for commercialising the technologies, but also as an experimental lab to identify new modelling paradigms, metaphors and user interfaces.

In fact Scott insists some ideas are already filtering back to the mainstream products – but don’t expect to see a Blobs interface in SolidWorks any time soon! Starting a model is as simple as clicking on the beaker containing the required primitive.