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Check the ergonomics of your CAD design

BodyWorks review screenshot

BodyWorks from Zetec

If you need to check the ergonomics of your CAD design, BodyWorks may be the answer.

Available in male and female versions, 5th, 50th and 95th percentile models are parametrically generated in SolidWorks in sitting, standing, walking, running and driving postures.

Major dimensions of reach and size are said to be typically accurate to within 10mm.

A simple interface is used to select size and posture and to either open the model directly or insert it into an existing assembly.

As an assembly with carefully defined mates, the model can be dynamically dragged with all downstream features moving correctly.

Whilst the usual cautions about conclusions drawn from anthropometric data apply such as effects of age, variation, clothes etc, BodyWorks can offer a useful check in the design phase.