About CAD-Reviews.com

CAD-Reviews hosts occasional CAD Software reviews by Chris Rand and Colin Mathews, dating back to 2000. An index of all reviews is on the Home Page.

This site also includes an archive of CAD News Daily, a project which attempted to bring together in one place the best of CAD-related blogging and news stories. It ran from 2008 to 2011 and remains here as an archive.

Chris Rand, the editor, wrote at the time: I used to monitor dozens of blogs through an RSS reader, and still do, but I thought a single page to scan through was an even easier way of keeping up to date. A list of some of the many sites I attempt to cover is below. I’ve followed them all for a while, and they’re all excellent.

RSS Newsfeeds of sites which were monitored

The 2D to (Civil) 3D blog at Autodesk
The 3D CAD blog
3D CAD News
The 3D Roadie blog at Autodesk
The 3DMojo blog
AEC News
Alibre CEO blog
Angel’s Civil 3D Thoughts
The AutoCAD Insider blog at Autodesk
The BIM and BEAM blog at Autodesk
The BLAUGI Blog of Autodesk User Group International
The Beside The Cursor blog
The Between the Poles blog at Autodesk
The Between the Walls blog at Autodesk
The Brian, CADFanatic blog
CAD Forum Tips
The CAD Insider blog
The CAD-a-Blog
CADCAM Insider
The CADDmanager blog
The CADminBlog: CAD Admin + Pro/E Help blog
CADwire.net – All CAD industry articles
CADwire.net – All CAD industry reviews
The COFES.com blog
Cadalyst AEC news
Cadalyst CAD Management news
Cadalyst Manufacturing news
Cadalyst Mapping GIS news
Chuck’s Blog
Deep 3D
The Duncan’s Corner blog at Autodesk
The Eat Your CAD blog
The Engineering Education for the Non-Civil Minded blog at Autodesk
Lynn Allen’s blog at Autodesk
Manufacturingtalk’s IT for Engineering channel
Manufacturingtalk’s IT for Manufacturing channel
The Matt Writes blog
The Maxed Out blog at Autodesk
The Mayalicious blog at Autodesk
The MotionBuilder blog at Autodesk
The Off Course – On Target blog at Autodesk
The Plan-It Autodesk blog at Autodesk
The Revit OpEd blog
RobiNZ CAD Blog
The Solidworks Blog
The Solidworks Legion blog
The CAD Industry blog
The Dirt blog at Autodesk
The Gear Box blog at Autodesk
The Topobase Insiders blog at Autodesk
The Through the Interface blog at Autodesk
The Under the Hood blog at Autodesk
WorldCAD Access